The Territory

Camping Quai is located in a strategic point on the banks of Lake Iseo. From here it is easy to reach many interesting places in the surrounding area, from Franciacorta, famous for its wines and bubbles; through Montisola and the nature reserve of bogs; not to mention the countless towns to visit along the banks of the lake and the proximity of two major shopping centers, where you can enjoy shopping.

Corners of pristine beauty, still wild with lush vegetation between the lake, olive groves, vineyards and forests: this is the territory of Lake Iseo and Franciacorta Vallecamonica. The Pyramids of Zone, Monte Isola, the bogs of the Lake are some of the valuable natural attractions nearby, to add the bike rides in Franciacorta and possible excursions in Valcamonica.

Tourist offer in the round that combines comfort with the natural beauty, the touch of exclusivity to the facilities for all, to the possibility – within a few tens of kilometers – of important visits, as in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia, Venice


Christo torna in Italia dopo 40 anni e lo fa con una monumentale installazione che prenderà forma in Lombardia, sul lago d’Iseo. “The Floating Piers” sarà un ponte immenso, fluttuante, rivestito di un tessuto giallo cangiante, che a giugno 2016 per 16 giorni collegherà isole e terraferma sul bacino fra Bergamo e Brescia.